Step 1

Information Gathering

Once we begin working together, the first step will be to meet and discuss more specifics about your business, including:

  • Your product or service
  • Business goals
  • Target audiences
  • Market positioning
  • Voice and tone
  • Ideas for messaging
  • Current content
  • And more

This meeting can be a traditional, one-on-one conversation or an interactive workshop with your team.

Step 2

Content Audit

Why reinvent the wheel if you can still use what’s already been created? That’s the approach I take to content.

During this step, we’ll complete an inventory of your existing content and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation will help us determine where we need to make improvements and where we can develop new content to fill gaps.

Step 3

Recommendations and Strategy

Next, I’ll compile a report for your team that summarizes my observations from the audit, recommendations on how to improve your content, and a plan to reach the goals we outlined in Step One.

If you don’t have existing brand guidelines in place, we also can develop additional resources to help keep your content relevant and on-brand, such as audience personas, a voice and tone guide, messaging framework, and more.

Step 4


Once this plan is reviewed and approved, we’ll begin implementing the recommendations. Depending on your needs and resources, my role can vary from hands-on help (writing/editing copy, making changes to the website, etc.) to hands-off consultation (collaborating with your team or other vendors who will manage implementation).