Step 1

Information Gathering

Once we begin working together, the first step will be to meet and discuss more specifics about your business, including:

  • Your product or service
  • Business goals
  • Target audiences
  • Market positioning
  • Voice and tone
  • Ideas for messaging
  • Marketing challenges
  • And more

This meeting can be a traditional, one-on-one conversation or an interactive workshop with your team.

Step 2


Then, I’ll research more about your industry, competitors, and audience on my own to learn as much as possible before I start writing. This phase also may include stakeholder and/or customer interviews to better understand their needs, how they perceive your brand, and ways you can deliver what they’re looking for.

Step 3

Messaging Development

Next, we’ll work together to articulate the foundational elements of your brand, better understand what makes your customers tick, and develop messaging that will communicate your story in words they understand.

What “position” in the marketplace can your company own? What do you want to be known for? What do your customers need, and how do you meet those needs better than anyone else? Why should people choose you? These are the types of questions we’ll explore during this phase.

Once we define the answers to those questions, we’ll summarize them in a Brand Messaging Guide that could include:

  • Purpose / mission
  • Values
  • Style
  • Audience personas
  • Voice and tone guide
  • Positioning statement
  • Elevator pitches for each target audience
  • Messaging framework
  • Sample phrases and headlines

This Brand Messaging Guide is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Provides clear, concise talking points that will help attract new customers and drive revenue.   
  2. Serves as a style guide that promotes consistency and alignment in design and marketing work. This will help improve results, while saving time and budget.  
  3. Offers an internal “handbook” to help employees, strategic partners, etc. understand and align with your brand.

Step 4


Once this foundation is in place, I’ll provide guidance on how to incorporate this refined brand messaging into your website, advertising, marketing materials, customer experience, and more.