The backstory

Phoenix Staff is a boutique technology recruiting firm that helps employers and candidates make their careers rise. While many recruiters treat staffing as a pure numbers game, Phoenix Staff prioritizes quality over quantity and helps make the perfect match.

Since starting the company in 2002, CEO Allen Plunkett had expanded it to serve Austin and Las Vegas in addition to Phoenix. However, their website and marketing presence hadn’t expanded with them, so Allen began working with Matt Adams and his team at Factor1 Studios on a redesign project.

As they started working on the website, Allen and Matt realized the site’s visual update would only be part of the puzzle. The messaging and content needed just as much attention. The company had multiple audiences in multiple markets, each with different needs that would require different messaging. How could Phoenix Staff communicate with each of them and address their unique needs on the same website? Plus, competition is steep in the staffing industry, so how could Allen and his team differentiate their firm? They reached out to Sidetone for help finding the answer.

3 markets, 2 audiences, 1 consistent message

Before writing copy for Phoenix Staff’s new website, we took a step back and researched what the staffing landscape is like in each of the company’s markets, why employers and candidates choose to work with Phoenix Staff, and more. After conducting over a dozen interviews, I distilled the results into a Branding and Messaging Guide that would serve as the foundation for Phoenix Staff’s website content, as well as a resource that their internal team could use for all of their marketing efforts.

Phoenix Staff Branding and Messaging Guide

Helping Phoenix Staff’s new site rise above the competition

Then, we put the Branding and Messaging Guide to work. Our team used it to write copy for the new site, while Factor1 used it as inspiration for design. By collaborating using a shared framework, we created a modern site that speaks directly to each of Phoenix Staff’s audience and balances professionalism with personality. See the new site at

Phoenix Staff Website