The backstory

How do you differentiate your business in a commoditized industry, where everyone looks and sounds the same? That’s the question DBL needed help answering when they approached Dina Miller of square peg creative, a frequent Sidetone partner.

DBL is a commercial landscaping company that specializes in retail, office, education, and industrial spaces. When they approached Dina for help rebranding and making their design look more unique and polished, Dina pointed out that their messaging and content needed to be just as strong as the visuals. That’s when we teamed up to uncover DBL’s differentiators, revamp their website, and create a library of customizable sales materials to help the team win more business.

A rebrand that started with research

DBL’s team had perceptions about what made their company unique, but to confirm their assumptions before investing resources in new branding and messaging, we decided to do a bit of research.

First, I conducted one-on-one interviews with 12 property managers, who are responsible for hiring and managing landscapers. This group included participants from each of DBL’s target industries, current clients, as well as non-clients who had chosen to work with another firm. By interviewing a cross-section of people, we were able to better understand property managers’ needs and hone in on DBL’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Following these interviews, I distilled the findings into an Observations and Recommendations Report, which served as our starting point for DBL’s rebrand.

DBL Interview Findings

Highlighting DBL’s differentiators to win more business

Based on extensive conversations with the DBL team and the findings we discovered during our audience research, we developed a Messaging Guide to help DBL’s team make their marketing more unique, consistent, and on-brand.

DBL Messaging Guide
With newfound clarity on DBL’s key messages and personality, Dina and I set our sights on redesigning and rewriting DBL’s website, along with creating a comprehensive library of new sales materials. This library makes it easy for their team to customize a proposal for each prospective client, while maintaining consistency no matter which team member creates it.

With these new materials at their fingertips, DBL has been wowing prospects, standing out from the pack, and winning more business than ever.

DBL Sales Sheets
DBL Website
DBL Website Mobile