The backstory

Construction is far more than moving dirt and creating new spaces. It’s about building communities — a cause that CORE Construction is passionate about.

CORE was working with the design heros at Monomyth Studio, and they wanted an extra hand organizing and writing content for their new website. The old site had plenty of information about their services, but it didn’t highlight their story, personality, or what makes them unique. So we banded together to blend CORE’s knowledge and passion for construction, Monomyth’s design talents, and our content counsel.

Architecture for information, not buildings

Construction teams need to know the purpose and structure of a building before they break ground. The same goes for websites.

Before diving into design and development, our team collaborated with Monomyth to provide content strategy guidance, refine the new sitemap, document CORE’s brand and messaging, and create page description diagrams. These diagrams outlined the content that would be shared on each page and how to prioritize that content, which made wireframing faster and easier while ensuring that each page met the company’s and users’ goals.

CORE Construction Branding and Messaging

CORE Construction Page Description Diagrams


Pairing beautiful design with powerful content

With the site’s structure in place, our team began writing copy for the new site while Monomyth worked on design. Collaborating with each other and CORE throughout the process helped ensure the site was telling the right story, while creating a seamless experience for users and employees alike.

As a team, we created a stunning new website that will help CORE win projects, attract new team members, and most of all, build communities that will last for generations.

CORE Construction Website