The back story

As the daughter of an architect, I’ve always had an appreciation for beautiful buildings and decor, so when I had the chance to work with craftsman legend Brandon Gore, I was like a kid in a candy store.

I first met Brandon through the supremely talented design team at Monomyth Studio. They were working on Brandon’s new personal website and a robust education/e-commerce site for his new business, the Conservatory of Craft, so we teamed up to complement their stunning designs with strong content.

Making high-quality design accessible to the masses

First, we focused on After interviewing Brandon to learn more about him and his story, I wrote content for the site to share his background, showcase his work and accomplishments, and build his personal brand.


Then, we turned our attention to The Conservatory of Craft site.

The Conservatory is a school that brings high-quality design and craftsmanship to the everyday maker with forward-thinking online classes and live workshops. There are plenty of craft classes on the market, but the Conservatory of Craft is different. It gathers the best craftsmen and women in each field (concrete, screen printing, jewelry making, leather work, and more) and makes their knowledge accessible to the masses. To showcase this juncture between expert craftsmanship and openness, we highlighted the master-level skill of their instructors, while using a casual voice to appeal to a wide audience.

Sharing the beauty of Brandon’s craft

By combining modern, sleek design with descriptive, enticing content, Brandon and his team now have two stunning websites that proudly represent their work and show other DIYers they can be craftsmen and women, too.