Breaking down confusing concepts into clear communication

If someone tried to pitch you on investing in a mobile home park, what would you say? If you’re like most people, you might be skeptical, hesitant, and unsure about what that means or why you would want to do it. That’s the exact challenge 52TEN was facing.

As an alternative investment firm that specializes in recession-resistant real estate, such as mobile home parks, 52TEN was used to getting that reaction when they were marketing and selling to potential investors. They approached our team and Niki Blaker from Five Sigma to help. Together, we created a new brand and website that educates people about 52TEN and alternative investments, disarms them, and generates qualified leads.

An alternative approach to selling alternative investments

52TEN didn’t want to look or sound like every other investment firm. They had a unique story to tell, but they needed help figuring out how to tell it in an understandable, engaging way.

We started with an interactive workshop to learn the ins and outs of thier business, get to know their audiences, and uncover the key elements of their brand. From there, Niki and I worked in tandem to craft a Brand Guide that captures the core of the 52TEN brand (purpose, vision, values, and style), along with a style guide for their visual design and verbal messaging.

52TEN Brand Strategy

Creating a site with clarity and character

With a clear, shared understanding of the brand, we began planning the new website. 52TEN had three main goals:

  • Introduce what 52TEN is, how it works, and why it’s a unique opportunity
  • Increase knowledge that alternative investment options exist
    and how they complement an investor’s portfolio
  • Generate qualified leads (primarily investors, secondarily property owners)

To meet these goals, we began by creating a sitemap to organize the pages of the site, as well as a core model for each page to plan the site’s content and ensure it would meet both the business and user needs.
52TEN Site Architecture
Once we were aligned around the plans for the website, Niki and I again worked side-by-side throughout copywriting, design, and development.
52TEN Website

From confusion and skepticism to clarity and enthusiasm

Since launching, 52TEN’s founders have not only had an easier time attracting and closing investors, but have also received rave reviews about their branding and website, like this:

“Oh wow!!!! Jack- I am thoroughly impressed by this. It’s top notch and very professional. Love the section on self directed IRAs because it really makes it hit home that they could perform better with you. I really, really think this is a winner! Congratulations!!!! You hit this one out of the (mobile home) park!”

“Wow. This is super impressive! All of it is so well explained.”

“Great site!!! Very professional.”

The founders are thrilled that the site projects a professional image, tells their story in layman’s terms, reflects their unique personality.

Niki and I were honored to help 52TEN start this new chapter in their business and look forward to being part of their ongoing marketing team.